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internet marketing company india
internet marketing company india

It seems that everyone wants to be on the Internet. And for good reason. It is safe to say it is the most important new method for conducting business in the last 50 years if not longer. Unfortunately, many marketers jumped in with little knowledge of how to do it right. Internet marketing experts agree that anyone who is interested in doing business on the Internet should take time to learn about what it is they are getting into.

New age Internet Marketing Companies using different strategies to market their products. Web 2.0, the web technologies of today that allow for easier to use and more dynamic pages, makes Internet marketing for businesses increasingly flexible and affordable. Additionally, Web 2.0 provides midsize companies with opportunities to reach new audiences and measure marketing success. Before venturing into Web 2.0 Internet marketing, however, you need to survey all of your options and understand the conditions surrounding the use of each of these new marketing strategies.


Blogs are all over the web. Because of their informal style and use of dynamic web 2.0 content, blogs have become effective Internet marketing venues where companies can subtly market their business. What’s great about blogs is that they invite discussion among consumers and can thus be used to see how consumers react to new products or services.

One caveat about blogs as Internet marketing channels is that they need to be updated frequently – perhaps even several times a day. Also, blog content needs to be honest. Readers are becoming increasingly more alert to blog posts written for the sheer purpose of boosting a company’s sales.

Social networking sites

Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster are some of the most popular social networking sites. Given the rising trendiness of such sites, it is no surprise that businesses are using them as a new Internet marketing medium.

One thing to keep in mind when using social networking sites for your Internet marketing purposes is that the consumers in this particular channel are generally young. Expect them to be very critical of the way you carry out your marketing. Be sure to keep your marketing concepts innovative, especially as the younger generation is easily bored with traditional marketing techniques.

In particular, take advantage of the various web 2.0 technologies found on these social networking sites. Widgets are a great example of web 2.0 tools that can be used as Internet marketing mediums. American Airlines, for example, has created a Facebook widget called “Travel Bag,” which the company uses to gather information about consumers. Aware of what individual Facebook users’ travel interests are, American Airlines is able to carry out their Internet marketing by sending the users emails and discount coupons that are in line with their individual preferences.


Podcasts are audio files that are played on a computer or an mp3 player. Podcasts available on the web feature topics ranging from home improvement to sports to personal life. These audio programs are now commonly being used as an additional Internet marketing channel. Whirlpool, for example, regularly releases podcasts that focus on family-centered topics, such as helpful cooking tips and Halloween costumes. Although these topics have nothing to do with Whirlpool products, the podcasts allow Whirlpool to convey an image of what kind of company they run – that is, one that focuses on catering to the needs of families.

A caveat of using podcasts as an Internet marketing tool is that the effectiveness of this medium has yet to be verified. Marketers are currently unable to determine how many of the downloaded podcasts are actually listened to and this has lead to ambiguity regarding the potency of using podcasts for marketing.

ICRDT India specializes in Internet Marketing. We are an AdWords Qualified Professional with extensive training in all aspects of Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead, and Pay Per Impression. Google, Yahoo, and MSN all offer successful Pay Per Click services. With Pay Per Click, you pay a certain bidded dollar amount for each targeted click you receive from the search engine or through content networks of websites that offer similar content to yours.Our Firm is a leading Internet Marketing Company in India

Your ad will be placed on the first page of Search Results for your selected keyword(s) and positioned depending upon how high your bid is in relation to your overall budget. Pay Per Click campaigns can be very successful if managed correctly and monitored frequently. We customize Pay Per Click Campaigns for each client differently depending upon your keywords, type of business, and how competitive the bids are within your keywords.

Pricing depends upon all of these factors, plus more. We also offer Banner Ad Campaigns and Lead Development Campaigns. To arrange a free consultation and evaluation for Pay Per Click management or other services, please Contact Us.

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Graphic design logos that have been creatively designed by icrdt are in demand. We are specializes in company logo design / corporate logo design, business logo design, flash logos, 3D logos & apparel logo.


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