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Most of us don’t know what PPC is all about? Well, Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines.

While many companies exist in this space, Google Ad Words and Yahoo! Search Marketing, which was formerly Overture, are the largest network operators as of 2006.

Drive buyers and increase sales by placing an ad for any of the advertising company. This will improve your ROI and you will generate more leads than ever.

How does PPC (pay per click) works?
Advertisers bid on "keywords" that they believe their target market (people they think would be interested in their offer) would type in the search bar when they are looking for their type of product or service. When reviewing the results, you'll likely see a set of results labeled as ‘Sponsored Links’ or ‘Sponsor Results’. Those results are of Yahoo PPC (pay per click) or Google Adword depends on the sponsored company you have opted for. Some results may appear in the same format as the main search results on the page, while others are listed within colored text boxes along the site of the page. All of those results are PPC (pay per click) paid advertisements from the sites listed within the ads. 

Why should YOU pay for traffic?
The main factors influencing how much money can be spent on a PPC (pay per click) campaign are:

  • How many searches are conducted per month using phrases relevant to your business?

  • How much are you, along with your competitors, willing to pay for those terms?

The goal of any advertising campaign should be to bring in more money from the campaign than it costs to run it. Our goal is to reduce the cost and bring in more sales, lead or clicks which is increasing in ROI (return on investment).

How ICRDT helps in PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing for you?

  • We search for good keywords related to your company – Advertise on a large number of relevant search phrases. Advertise on the terms used to describe your products, the product names, product codes, and the questions a prospect might type into a search engine that your services answer, and more.

  • ICRDT Build unique ads for each search phrase. – We spent hours and hours to create text ads for each search phrases relevant to your business rather than creating one ad for all of your search phrases, but the extra work will definitely be rewarded. Because, Ads relevant to the search phrase receive more clicks, which mean more targeted traffic, in turn increase in CTR. So, in some cases paying less per click for generating a lead.

  • Correct Page targeting – We send visitors to the most appropriate page of your website. While running campaign we place an ad for a specific product within your online store, as sending visitors to the home page mostly frustrated them and it will increase the chance they will hit Back button and leave the site. Page targeting is very important and we take care of that.

  • Track the results – Spending money without measuring the return on investment is not a good business practice. We keep tracking your reports. And, we provide manually made format of reports for your better understanding of results of your various PPC (pay per click) programs into one easy to manage interface.

We also do PPC (pay per click) on Product search engines such as,, NexTag,, and

Send your request for running your PPC (pay per click), or Adword on Google, Yahoo advertising marketing at: and We provide the services from India with great client care efforts.



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