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ICRDT an delhi based Indian company believe that the design process begins with discovery - identifying the target audiences for the web site, developing a persona set, conducting usability studies, surveying our clients, and defining the structure of the redesigned site.

Web design is a process which needs lots of research and ethical rules to understand how to take ownership of the design process. Somehow, the new design is supposed to compensate for a Web site owner’s lack of vision. Web Site Redesigning process involve more studies and implementation of that study into the web page layout.

website redesigning process

After we collect all of the data in the discovery process, we sit down as a group to consolidate ideas. Designers’ present thumbnail sketches of concepts they feel may meet your needs, and we select the most promising designs from the pool. The designs are then fleshed out and put into electronic format. We revisit the designs again as a group, using the persona set as a filter for the interface. Does the design effectively address the needs of the user? Does it communicate the key messages of the client? Does it meet the constraint and requirements set forth in the project plan?

The purpose of niche web site by Web designers which is to attempt to help you create a plan that will allow you to achieve some success attracting new visitors to your Web site, and making a positive impression once the new visitors arrive.

website redesigning | web redesign

  1. Plan your content carefully before you think in detail about your Web site structure and aesthetics.

  2. Research competing and related niche sites to discover the content, Web site structure, and aesthetics representative of your industry.

  3. Determine your business objectives and set measurable goals for your new Web site. In as much detail as you can muster, record the ways in which your new Web site will help you achieve your goals.

  4. Your landing pages should reflect the ways in which your prospective customers will search for your service or product. Plan the content of these pages in relation to the complexity and number of your offerings.

  5. Since no page is purely informational in a bottom-line business climate, decide carefully what you will ask your Web site visitors to do in response to the content your page offers. Find an appropriate way to ask your potential clients to respond.

  6. Articulate the first impression and emotional response your Web site should evoke. Who will your site visitors be, and why will they feel this way when they visit your site?

  7. What is the dominant type of content your Web site will feature? Will it be news items, archived documents, multimedia or sales copy. What ideas do you have about how the content can be structured for maximum comprehension and utility?

  8. What aesthetic preferences do you have? Why? Link typefaces, colors, and artwork specifications to the first impression and emotional responses you hope to evoke and the business goals they will help you achieve.

  9. Set your budget and communicate it clearly. If working with a limited budget, be prepared for trade-offs and be ready to prioritize goals and preferences.

  10. Discuss your communication preferences with your designer in advance. Do you want daily reports? Weekly? Will you want real-time access via telephone, instant messaging, and email? Do you need face-to-face meetings to feel comfortable with the process?

what you receive from ICRDT:

  • Evaluation of the current design of your website.

  • Identification of current web-related needs that are not being met.

  • Custom web redesign solution combining graphical layout and design, navigation structure, and enhanced functionality.

We at ICRDT, are well versed in providing Custom Web site redesign and has been providing our assistance to the industry and we have been satisfied our customer. We are not finished with the project until you are 100% satisfied.

We delhi based company which provide the services from India with great client care efforts. Get your free quotation or contact at: and on Website redesigning | Website re-design.

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